Energy Spread

The beam energy and energy distribution are very important parameters in any accelerators. They are used to estimate the machine performance and evaluate the beam quality. Through the measurement of the beam energy and energy spread, the longitudinal emittance can be calculated and the beam lattice can be verified, also the transmission efficiency can be improved and optimization of the machine can be done, the simulation can be verified as well. Therefore, the accurate measurement of beam energy and energy distribution can be used as a guidance for the machine commissioning, operation and optimization, and to verify the simulation.

Determination of energy spread with Rutherford scattering

A Rutherford Rutherford scattering technique was developed to measure the energy and energy spread in the range of 1-15 MeV/u. The energy resolution will be achieved better than 0.5%. It could be be used for the cyclotrons or linear accelerators with the very wide current range of 100 pA-10 mA. To improve the thermal stability of the detector for very high current beam, the composite material (tantalum and copper) is used for the scattering target, with the additional water-cooling system. As a result, the detector can be used for very weak beams and very high current beams as well.

Energy spread of SSC-LINAC RFQ & DTL1

Cocktail beam measurement on LEAF linac, energy spread after DTL with different DTL power

Energy spread of LEAF-MEBT

Determination of energy spread with deflecting magnet


Energy spread: 1.9±1% (FWHM)

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