Bunch Shape Monitor (BSM)

Schematic of the bunch shape monitor. The signal of the induced charges travel to the stripline ports, and further to a broadband oscilloscope for read-out, represents a copy of the longitudinal particle distribution. Note that the bellows and motor are on the other side of the flange and are not shown on this schematic diagram.

Photograph of prototype Fast Faraday Cup(FFC) with water cooling structure.

Block diagram of the bunch shape monitor system.

Transmission (S21) and reflection (S11) measurements of the stripline structure with precision SMA connectors. The black line and red line also denote insertion loss and return loss, respectively. The black line shows the insertion loss of the whole stripline structure including SMA connectors reaches 3 dB, when upper frequency is 12.5 GHz.

Beam measurement results from the bunch shape monitor and two BPMs installed near the bunch shape monitor. CH1 (green line) denotes channel 1 of the broadband oscilloscope, CH2 (black line) denotes channel 2 of the broadband oscilloscope, CH3 (red line) denotes channel 3 of the broadband oscilloscope.

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