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  ♦  Upgrade of a kicker control system for the HIRFLY.Y. Wang*, W.X. Zhou, J.F. Luo, D.T. Zhou, J.C. Zhang, X.L. Ma, D.Q. Gao, J.B. Shangguan, 2014, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A.[view]

  ♦  Beam experiments with a non-intercepting beam induced fluorescence profile monitor for the ADS LINAC, H.M. Xie, J.X. Wu*, Y. Zhang, G.Y. Zhu, J.W. Xia and M.Y. Ye, 2015, Chinese Physics C  [view]

  ♦   Capacitive Beam Position Monitors for the Low-β Beam of the Chinese ADS Proton Linac, Y. Zhang, J.X. Wu*, G.Y. Zhu, H. Jia, Z.H. Xue, H. Zheng, H.M. Xie, X.C. Kang, Y. He, Lin Li and J.C. Denard, 2016, Chinese Physics C  [view]

  ♦  Control strategies used in the control software for the Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou.W.X Zhou, Y.Y. Wang*, L.M. Pan, S.P. Tu, 2016, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A  [view]

  ♦  Beam transport experiment with a new kicker control system on the HIRFL.Y.Y. Wang, D.T. Zhou, J.F. Luo, J.C. Zhang, W.X. Zhou, F.F. Ni, J. Yin, J. Yin, Y.Y. Yuan, J.B. Shangguan, 2016, Chinese Physics C  [view]

  ♦  A Residual Gas Ionization Profile Monitor Developed for HIRFL-CSR, Xie Hongming, Wu Junxia*, Mao Lijun, Ye Minyou, et al., 2017, Nuclear Physics Review  [view]

  ♦  Upgraded control system designed for SECRAL,Su Jianjun, Wang Yanyu*, Zhou Detai, Zhou Wenxiong, Zhang Jianchuan., 2017, Nuclear Science and Techniques  [view]

  ♦  Development of Bunch Shape Monitor for High-intensity Beam on the China ADS Proton LINAC Injector II, G.Y. Zhu, J.X. Wu*, Z. Du,Y. Zhang, Z.H. Xue, H.M. Xie, Y. Wei, L. Jing and H. Jia., 2018, Rev. Sci. Instrument  [view]

  ♦   Design of barrier bucket kicker control system, F.F. Ni, Y.Y. Wang*, J. Yin,D.T. Zhou, G.D. Shen, Y.D. Zheng, J.C. Zhang, J. Yin, X. Bai, X.L. Ma., 2018, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A   [view]

  ♦   HIRFL cooling water-monitoring system design and construct., Y.J. Li, Y.Y. Wang*, D.T. Zhou, J. Yin, J.J. Su, 2018, Radiation Detection Technology and Methods   [view]

  ♦   Automation Control System of Nuclear Track Membrane Research and Design., Li Yunjie, Wang Yanyu, Mo Dan, Yin Jun, Liu Jie., 2018, International Journal of Performability Engineering   [view]

  ♦   重离子治癌加速器离子源控制系统软件设计., 李运杰,王彦瑜*,周德泰,张建川,尹 佳,宿建军, 核电子学与探测技术   [view]

  ♦   Control System Design for New Electronic Cooler of HIRFL-CSRm, Su Jianjun, Li Yunjie, Zhang Jianchuan, Wang Yanyu. Radiation Detection Technology and Methods,2018,(2)31.  [view]

  ♦  Stochastic cooling experiments for CSRe at IMP,G.Y. Zhu, J.X. Wu*, F. Caspers, F. Caspers, F. Nolden, Y. Zhang, Y. Wei, X.J. Hu, Z. Du, H.M. Xie, L. Jing, K.W. Gu and J.W. Xia., 2019, NIMA  [view]

  ♦  Control system design for ion source of HIMM,J.J. Su, Y.J. Li, D.T. Zhou, J.C. Zhang, Y.Y. Wang*, 2019, Radiation Detection Technology and Methods  [view]

  ♦  基于物联网的重离子加速器状态诊断系统研究与设计,李运杰,张建川,周德泰,王彦瑜*,李丽莉,尹佳,张建川, 2019, 原子能科学技术; [view]

  ♦  HIMM Fault Diagnosis based on KPI,Li Yunjie, Wang Yanyu*, Zhang Jianchuan, Zhou Detai,2019,International Journal of Performability Engineering; [view]

  ♦  Transverse broadband impedance reduction techniques in a heavy ion accelerator,X.Q. Chen, G.Y. Zhu*, F. Caspers, J.C. Yang†, J.X. Wu, G.D. Shen, J. Liu, J.W. Xia, Y. Zhang, S. Ruan, G. Wang, L.P. Yao, F.C. Cai, H. Ren, Q.Y. Kong and Y.Z. Gao., Physical Review Accelerators and Beams, 23, 034402 (2020);[view]

  ♦  A noninvasive Ionization Profile Monitor for transverse beam cooling and orbit oscillation study in HIRFL-CSR,H.M. Xie, K.W. Gu, Y. Wei, Y. Zhang, G.Y. Zhu, L. Jing, Z.X. Li, L.L. Li, X.J. Hu, L.J. Mao, Z. Du, J.X. Wu*, Nuclear Science and Techniques(2020)31:40[view]

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