Temperature Monitoring System

Cryogenic temperature Monitoring

In this system we can obtain the real-time data from the field device via the Intranet in the central control room. We can also monitor the temperature curve and query the historical data through the remote monitoring. When the temperature is anomalous, this system can generate alarm signals and store some vital messages in the database so as to query them at any time. After practical running for two years, this system had shown its accuracy and reliability.

The whole structure of this system

The self-designed protocol converter named LOW_TEMP_NET has its unique IP address and port number, and can achieve to the function that convert serial port (RS485, RS232 and RS422) signals to network signals.

Magnet temperature Monitoring

Magnet temperature monitoring system needs to fulfill the basic function of remote monitoring and alarming. This system is realized to collect temperature data from onsite devices, display the temperature and store historical data automatically. When receiving abnormal data it will alert immediately.

Layout pictures of HIRFL-CSRm

GUI in central control room.

Environment Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

There are more than 600 sensors ware deployed in HIRFL. The HMI can intuitively, visually and accurately monitor the environment's temperature and humidity at the scene. When the temperature early warning value is exceeded, an audible and visual alarm will be given and recorded in detail in the event recorder.


GUI in central control room.

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