Water Monitoring System

Water Leakage Monitoring


There are more than 1,000 sensors in HIRFL. The HMI of the water leakage detection system can intuitively display the water leakage in the field. When a water leakage accident occurs, an audible and visual alarm will be given in time, and an alarm short message will be issued, and detailed leak alarm information will be listed in the event recorder.

Water Level Monitoring

The water level monitoring system establishes a chain protection mechanism for the water supply of the SSC high-frequency system. It adopts the real-time monitoring of the water pressure sensor, the fixed-point alarm of the liquid level alarm, and the hardware interlocking method to monitor the SFC water tank water supply system in real time.

Water Pressure Monitoring


The water pressure monitoring system can intuitively display the current water pressure state. When there is a high or low pressure alarm, it will display the needle status of the water pressure gauge, and there is an audible and visual alarm, and the alarm information is listed in the event recorder.

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